Jason S.

master photographer

My name is Jason and i am world traveler, mountain climber, SNOWBOARDER, father, husband, animal lover, watch COLLECTOR, and a wedding photographer. 

I have an eye for creativity and photography is my passion. I enjoy going out and shooting as often as I possibly can and finding beauty in places that others look past. 

Hanging out with my family, friends, and pets might be what I love to do most, but aside from that, there's nothing I'd rather be doing that photographing weddings.

I enjoy shooting all over Metro Detroit. Each location has its own unique charm. Downtown with its urban and gritty feel. A2 has beautiful barn weddings with a very warm rustic feel. Birmingham, Bloomfield and Rochester have breathtaking country clubs with vast areas to find the perfect spot to compliment couples.

I've been professionally shooting weddings for three years now, but I've been cultivating this passion for twice as many years. 

I've got a piece of equipment for every occasion. I shoot a Canon 5D Mark III and my favorite lens is my 50 f1.4. That being said, I have Canon Pro-Level zooms that cover 16mm all the way to 200mm. I also shoot pro-level prime (aka fixed focal length) lenses like my 35 f1.4, 85 f1.2, and 135 f2. On top of that I have specialty lenses like my 45mm tilt shift for creative portraits and my 100mm macro for fine details. I also travel with a bunch of speedlites to brighten up those dark environments and some things I keep secret for my "special effects." :)

I absolutely love weddings because I get to hang out with wonderful couples celebrating something amazing, its the happiest day of their lives. Everyone is in a great mood and the energy is palpable. Even after an eight hour day on my feet shooting, I head home feeling completely energized.

I have the palette of a 5 year old. There is no better meal to me than a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a diet coke.

I'm watching my weight...

I got started shooting because I wandered over to Flickr one day online and loved all of the portraits with really shallow depth of field ("bokeh"). I purchased a Canon T2i the day it was released and took it with me, along with a Canon 50 1.4 on my Spring Break with my now-wife, and loved photographing everything. I eventually purchased my 5D Mark III and started shooting weddings to pay for all of my gear.

What is your favorite part about the wedding day? 

Definitely the couples portrait between the ceremony and reception. That is the time of day when we get to really get creative and get the epic shots you see in my gallery. That being said, I really love the whole day, from the prep time before the wedding, all the way through to the end of the reception.

What are your interests?

 Outside of photography, I love to travel, go camping, snowboarding, watch movies, cruising on my motorcycle and hang out with my wife, son, and our pets.