Stephanie & Zak - Howell Opera House - Howell, MI

We had a chance to photograph a wedding at "The Howell Opera House" recently and it was such a blast. The location is gorgeous and has an unique ambiance to it, that just makes you feel like you've taken a step back into the 1920's.

    The best part about the opera house along with the creaky floors, is of course the stage. They have kept the original design in tact even down to the tattered curtains. We didn't get a chance to do the ceremony inside the opera house, instead, we went to this cute little chapel across the street. 

    If you are looking for a reception or wedding venue with a very rustic feel, one that is unique. I think that the Howell Opera House is an excellent location. The building, however, is owned by the city. Keep in mind if you decide to plan your wedding there, everything is do it yourself. Come with some awesome DIY plans, or hire a wedding planner to help you put everything together. 

    Some tips to think about when choosing this location for your wedding are to create ample time, try and get bridal party photos and the bride & grooms portraits when there is still daylight out, and be creative. You will need that extra time to create different shots, this location has to much to offer, you wont want to miss all the picture taking opportunities. We started to run out of sunlight towards the end of shooting, really wish we had more sunlight! 

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