Lindsay & James wedding day took place in Howell, Mi. The day started off with Lindsay and her girls getting ready for her big day. Lindsay's mother tried to feed me from the moment I walked in the door, cracking a joke about their last name being Cook. That was the moment I knew this day would be grand. Lindsay and her girls were having a blast, their personalities complimented one another well. It was awesome seeing a group of girls having so much fun and joy, it really started the day off right. This was going to be a celebration.

James and his group of guys were no different, they too were full of laughter and fun, cracking jokes left and right. You could tell this couple had surrounded their selves with such positive people and you could tell they were right for each other.

L & J's reception took place at the Howell Opera House, one of my favorite, unique wedding venue to shoot at. It has this artistic vibe to it that makes you challenge yourself to get some really cool shots. Not to mention all the natural lighting beaming in through the windows. 

Needless to say, the day was jammed packed with laughter and bliss, making it such an amazing wedding! 

- Jarrett