Krystyna & Matthew - Lake Orion, MI

   When you think of winter, you think of extremely cold days, snow stopping you from making it to work, and that slush you step in when you get out the car. You rarely think of a day where two people share a magical moment and vow to commit their lives to one another, but here is that story.

Krystyna & Matthew had their special day at the illustrious castle known as Indianwood. The elegant yet rustic styled building gives you that warm feeling you would hope for at a winter wedding. Krystyna's bubbly personality and excitement made their day just that much more enticing. Mats tailed tuxedo resembled that of a penguin, in fact, part of what the pastor said at K & M's ceremony had to do with that. Penguins mate for life, and this wedding was a representation of that.

From the moment I met K & M I knew their special day was going to be amazing. I could sense the chemistry flowing between the two of them and you can see that portrayed in their images as well.

I couldn't wait to share this amazing wedding! 

- Jarrett