Photography Insider - Location Doesn't Matter

Location for your photos doesn't matter... 

Well... location matters, just not as much as you might think. Images are about composition, lighting, and most of all... The moments captured in the blink of an eye.

I have clients always asking me if I've photographed at a particular venue and I always tell them, its not necessary. In fact, ill get better images from the spur of the moment findings at new venue...

Photographers are artist, we have a creative vision. When something new presents itself and its beautiful, imagination runs wild! 

Background really, in a manner of speaking, doesn't matter... 


This is literary a back room with random things they venue tossed in the room.

Both image was taken in an open field of grass as the light from the sun was fading late in the day.

On the left was a brick wall that was painted white and on the right the grooms back was against the wall of a bank building.

Top Left: ring on brides purse

Bottom Left: Shoes in the window

Top Right: shoes on the veil

Bottom Right: coffee table

On the left a silhouette on a random bridge (could be done anywhere) on the right, the background is a cloudy sky on a rainy day.

On the left was an old bridge on the right was the hotel room the bride got ready in.

This was their college library.

Another field. 

Random shop with graffiti in the back.

Tall grassy area on a slightly rainy day

Chopped up wheat field. 

Corn Field.

Hay Barn.

The sky.

On the left was under a shady tree on the right was in the doorway of a house.

In the corner of a room.