Your Story - First Look

First looks are becoming quite  a big thing couples do on their wedding day. First looks can alleviate a lot of stress; they give  the couple the opportunity to not only see each other before the ceremony but to take in that moment a bit longer. Having that chance to chat and admire eachother before they are whisked off into thanking all their guests for coming is important. Photographing this moment really adds to the story being told, not to mention the time that can be saved later for portraits. We are more than just wedding photographers, we are story tellers and we are here to capture the moments you rarely catch in an image.

Although, if you want to keep it traditional you could always hold hands around a corner, maybe say a prayer. I think it really has a similar effect on your feelings throughout the day and again gives that moment for just the two of you. 

Dad's also love to catch the first glimpse of their daughters. This is the day that they are giving their little girl away. They want to take in that moment, see their gorgeous daughter, and share a moment in time before sending their little girl off to marry her prince charming.

- Jarrett

Jarrett TimmonsComment