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Planning a wedding can be very exciting at first, but can quickly become overwhelming. Let’s face it, as much as we love Pinterest, magazines, and helpful wedding websites, it can become way too much. I think the most important thing to do first is figure out your budget. So many couples have big dreams and a big guest list and then when they find out how much things cost they can quickly go into panic mode.

 Yes, the cost of a wedding does add up, but if you know what your budget is from the start you can find things that fit into that budget, and omit the ones that don’t. Your guest list is a huge component. I would suggest making an A list which is the people that are most important to invite, and then a B list which are the people you would like to be there, but can be cut if necessary. Once you determine how many people you can afford to invite depending on your budget, you can make that A list bigger!

Once you know your budget, you need to find a venue. It is a good estimate to say that at least 50% of your budget will go towards your reception. If you have a specific date that it has to be on then you need to start visiting or calling around as early as possible, especially if you have your heart set on a particular one. Venues book fast, some even book 2 years in advance.

 I think a big thing is to sit down with your partner and determine what is important and what is not. If you really have to have that band, then put your money towards that and less on something else. If you really want an amazing cake then spend the money on that and not a photo-booth. Make sure you remember that this wedding is about the two of you and you should both have an equal voice in the planning.

 Once you have that date you need to book your photographer and entertainment. The popular dates book fast, and if you really like a certain photographer or DJ make sure you contact them as soon as you know your date. These two in general are ones that you are going to want to book sooner than later. Having your venue, photographer, and music are big things you want to check off your to do list in the early planning stages. Flowers, cake and linen can easily be done in the next upcoming months.

 I would suggest hiring a planner for many reasons. They will help refer you to vendors that are in your budget, your style, and who they know will be a good fit for your needs. I meet with a lot of couples who have the vision but need help executing it. Most planners have different services they can offer depending on how much help you need.

 They will also help break down the huge list of things to do by month so you can work on something specific each month to try and help you not feel so overwhelmed. They will help you stay on track and make your vision come true. On the wedding day they are your voice in making sure that you have your prefect day, and most importantly you get to enjoy your it knowing that someone is looking out for you every step of the way.


 A wedding planner should be about 10% of your budget. If you don’t have the budget for a planner, I would suggest taking a look at a basic wedding checklist and breaking things down month by month so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Don’t lose focus on what you want. As much as I love Pinterest it is very easy to have way to many ideas and to be swayed from this to that. If you are having a hard time deciding color scheme’s or décor items, look around your house, look at your Pinterest home ideas page and see what you are drawn to.

 You want your wedding to feel like the two of you; if you are into movies why not tie that into things, if you love to travel have pictures of the two of you traveling. Weddings are more personal than ever and if you both love something, incorporate it into your wedding. Your guests will leave knowing that this wedding was truly about the two of you.

 Lastly, don’t forget why you are planning this wedding. It is easy to get caught up in everything and lose focus on what is important, the marriage itself! Congratulations, and I wish you the most amazing adventure ever!


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