Your Story - Bridal Prep

The day begins with photographing the specific details that are important to the bride on her big day. Items such as the dress, shoes, any jewelry, and anything else she might be wearing that day or even something of sentimental value. Each photo commemorates a particular memory that goes into creating a story. Choosing a certain pair of shoes had its reason, and that memory is what we as photographers are here to capture. 

Hair and makeup are also a very important part of the day. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, you want to look your absolute best, exemplifying grace and beauty.  

Here is the part where the emotion really sets in, when the bride puts on her dress on for the first time in front of her mother, sister, and her best friends. She becomes something out of a magazine, the embodiment of love and romance. Mom laces up her dress and the girls who have seen her relationship grow over the years get to whiteness her commitment and fortitude put into the day. 

Last but not least of the bridal prep is the "glamour-esk" photo-shoot. Something to show off the dress, brides beauty and the glow she emits on her special day. Stunning images to reminisce upon with her granddaughters and say "look how drop dead gorgeous grandma was" 

- Jarrett