Your Story - Groom Prep

After Bridal prep is complete, its time to hop over to the groom. This is a huge day for him, he is finally getting to marry that girl that he has dreamt about his entire life. We look to capture those moments where time stands still on camera. 

Photographing how sharp the groom looked on this special day is just as important as getting the shots of the bride. We get all the details of his preparation so both bride and groom can reminisce in the moment time and time again.

Strong details of the suit are significant as well because most guys rent their tux or suit. Its nice to be able to look back on those images some day and say "that's what I looked like on my wedding day son." 

Most weddings we attend, the bride sends one of her maids over to the grooms room to deliver a sweet letter and an awesome gift. (I think it makes all the other guys jealous.)

Sneaking in a couple shots of the guys before the ceremony helps save time to be able to take pictures of the ladies and the couple after the ceremony.  The truth is, the guys are ready for the "one, two, and done" when it comes to photos, so its important to capture the images when you can.

Every time you ask a couple of guys to do a shot like the reservoir dogs, they are amped up and jump at the chance. Being able to relate to them really increases the comfort level, making the images later in the day that much better. 

Just Like the bride, the groom gets a small session where its just him. Guys totally want to look GQ in their tux and that's what we aim to do.

- Jarrett

Jarrett TimmonsComment