Lead Photographer

Michigan | Chicago, MI | Toledo, OH

About Us:

alice heart photography represents photographers who are passionate about two people becoming one in the name of love. We are synonymous for creating unique images and capturing the essence of the clients emotions through still photography. Our mission is to capture moments in time for our clients. From candid smiles, to tears of joy, and the moment where time stands still when the bride and groom gaze into each-others souls uttering the words "I DO"

We want to make that sound resonate every-time a client opens their album.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside other talented individuals pushing your creativity to its apex. 

Our team is based all over the Detroit metro area and our studio is located in downtown Plymouth, MI.

Job Specifications:

  • Keeping an up to date google calendar
  • Photographing 8 hour weddings (occasionally more)
  • Photographing up to 175 images per hour
  • Occasional client meetings 
  • Occasionally photographing engagement Sessions
  • Traveling 

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for passionate individuals with a drive to capture and compose a uniquely inspiring story for our clients.  Whose  drive,  ambition,  and the ability communicate with a personable attitude leaves our clients in awe. Having the ability to adapt to situations and handle stress in a time crunch. The ability to work in difficult lighting conditions such as dim lit churches or bright sunny days. Professional appearance, attitude, and strong verbal skills. Above all, creativity. 

What we will provide for you:

  • Competitive compensation 
  • USB drive to deliver images 
  • Client information 
  • Occasional associate photographer 

How it works:

Clients will view your personal portfolio and bio with a list of other available photographers. (available photographers will be the only portfolios shown to clients during the meeting.) The client will then choose their favorite photographer from that list. Once the client locks in their wedding an agreement will be sent to the photographer to lock in the date.

After the wedding is photographed you will be required to send the finished RAW files in via provided USB and backup the files on your computer for up to 6 months. You may use the images 6 months thereafter the wedding date for your personal portfolio and non-promotional work or publications.

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(we are looking for: getting ready, details, bride & groom portraits, artistic shots, emotional shots, dance floor shots.)
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