How To Get This Shot

Many things go into getting an amazing shot and as a wedding photographer and we have to learn how to get these shots with a fraction of time. We always want to produce breath taking images and some images are created with skill but some have a little bit of luck mixed in.

The trick is to see things no one else sees and this shot is one of those shots that is not easily seen.

The window right behind the subject was flooding with harsh blinding sunlight, light that could wash out any photo taken. Although other windows in this setting didn't have the harsh light coming through, the subject was deliberately placed right in front of this window. 

The exposure was set for the sunlight, making the subjects face shadowed. To balance the light there was an off camera flash placed opposite of the window with a small soft-box filling in the shadows. 

The blur was added into the image afterwards in post processing and the whites were "flattened/ softened" 

The pose was fairly simple. The subject was asked to look to the left and down and push her dress backwards as if she were fluffing it.