Ilze L.

expert photographer

My name is Ilze and I am an artist at heart, the camera is my brush, and I love capturing memories in the form of stills.

My passion for photography began when I was a child. My father had this tiny make shift dark room in our house where I would watch beautiful images magically appear before my very eyes on sheets of photo paper.

I grew up in Riga , Latvia. The rich heritage and culture of this tiny country has ignited a spark in me, one that pushes me to create my own legacy through photography. It that same spark that makes me proud to be a wedding photographer. Wedding photography allows met to capture images for couples, images that they will use to start their own legacy, images that will decorate their homes, and fill the pages of their wedding album.

I love being part of the wedding day and capturing tears of love, laughter, and smiles of far away family and friends visiting. Above all, I'm there to capture great moments while you are having fun and share in your vision of the big day. 

I create the images, that you'll want to get lost in on a snowy day or pass around when your friends visit.