To be considered for a session, I would love to hear why. Why have you decided to do a boudoir session for yourself? (please include a photo.) all submissions must be emailed to You must also share a link to this model call on either your Facebook or Instagram page for consideration. 

In roughly two - three weeks, your submission will be reviewed and those selected will receive a link to:

  • Sign a contract/ release 

  • Select a session date

WHAT TO EXPECT from modeling?

  • Empowering boudoir session
  • Video interview(s) (asking how you feel/ felt about the session)
  • Behind the scenes/ live video during the session 
  • Before & After photo(s)
  • Social tag/ review 


When you book your session using the BOOK NOW link below you will receive $100.00 off your luxury boudoir session!


Miss C -

"I wanted to do something special as a gift for my soon-to-be husband, but was a little intimidated by the thought of a boudoir shoot. I've never felt "sexy " or "seductive" because I'm a huge goofball and laugh at everything, but this experience has changed that! Jarrett did a phenomenal job at making me feel completely comfortable and was extremely professional. Not only are the images gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams, I was also able to tune into my inner-sexiness, while showing my true personality. If you're looking for a boudoir shoot that makes you feel beautiful, sexy, and proud of who you are, I can 1000% recommend Alice Heart Photography."



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head photographer/ owner


I do boudoir because sometimes we all need a little push, a push to help us overcome our fears and doubts. Whether it be not feeling confident in your own skin anymore or just simply letting go of the feeling that we cannot fully control everything in our lives. My hope is to empower women and help them feel as beautiful as they are, to embrace their inner and outer beauty.

I hope to inspire others to find that confidence again, to show them how absolutely perfect their imperfections really are. So, why do I do boudoir?

I do boudoir… To show “YOU” what's been there all along.


Deciding what to wear can be a hurdle on its own. There is so much variety out there, so it can be hard to decide. If you already have a lot of lingerie, I suggest bring most of it in the day of your session so that we have options to choose from, granted they are matching sets or pieces on their own. If not, go out and get something new and sexy for yourself! I suggest a full set of lingerie including a garter belt, thigh highs, and heels as one option. You could also do a sexy body suit, sheer tank-top, white t-shirt, corset, or anything that makes you feel sexy. 

Suggested shopping: 


Are you nervous? your probably going to be the day of your session and that is totally normal, but if you think about it, that is what you were going for. I am confident that nervous feeling will melt away shortly after we start shooting. The day of your session, will start with hair & makeup, you will come to thew studio and pampered by one of our amazing artist. After she's done, you will start laying out all of your outfits as we narrow them down to the most flattering ones for your body. Don't worry about knowing how to pose or what to do, that's why you came to us!

Want to bring a friend to cheer you on? Please do! Ask about discounts for booking a session the same days as a friend. (only applies to full priced sessions.)

P.S. "I do have to warn you, you should probably skip the gym the day of and after the session. Being sexy is hard work!"