Rachael I.

expert photographer

My name is Rachael and I am an old soul full of poetry, CURIOSITY, and satire. I love autumn, travel, and most of all being a mother to the most INCREDIBLE person.

I have loved photography longer than I can remember. As a child I had this compact mirror that I'd use to reflect light on my "subject" i'd then snap the compact shut and imagine that is was the shutter of a camera going off.

Imagination is something I have never lacked!

Along with this expressive imagination, I have ten long years of photographic experience under my belt. Experience that I've learned from various literally scores, pros, and peers. I have worked along side of numerous talented individuals.  

One of my favorite aspects of wedding photography, other than being a giant sap who is in love with love, is that it requires you to be an expert in various genres of photography. Including but not limited to: portrait, landscape, architecture, photojournalism, macro, (for the ring bling shots!) food, and even pet photography.

"Every love story is unique, and every wedding seems to get me misty eyed at least once."

I pride myself with my innate ability to guide couples and create a scenario in which they will look their absolute best with organically posed approach. 

I also take pride in is making up for lost time. So the limo got slightly lost, or the make up and hair went long. I get it. Weddings have to be fluid and I'm not scared off by that fact. I just work harder and faster, and work to catch us up!

I love creating a dynamic where we can all just be ourselves and no one feels like they have to perform in front of the camera. You should feel like you, and you should have FUN! My favorite thing to capture is emotion, without the emotion the story telling isn't what it should be. So laughter, tears, vows that are choked out over the lump in your throat, embarrassing stories at toasts that leave you hiding your face in your napkin, and swoon worthy moments bathed in golden light are why I do, what I do. It's an extension of who I am, and you will see that passion in your images. It is of collaboration loves.. of my love for telling your love story.