Amy & Andy

I don't have enough space to write about how amazing out experience with Jarrett was. Granted, our wedding was about a month ago so we have not seen the pictures yet (save the handful he sent us a few days after--which were gorgeous!), but the whole experience from start to finish was excellent. When we were first planning, photography was one of the most important things to us, so we had contacted about 10 photographers, but Alice Heart was my top choice based on Jarrett's style of photography alone. After we met with him the first time I remember telling him at the end of the meeting that we would think it over and contact him shortly. We walked out of his office and I looked at my now husband and said, "So we are definitely going with him, right?" "Oh yeah. For sure." He was the only photographer with whom we chose to meet. He is incredibly professional, does excellent work, and is a lot of fun. Honestly, my entire bridal party, my friends he sat with at dinner, and my parents fell for him right away. He's just really cool and easy going. We only had one photographer and no videographer, so I cannot speak to that, but I am beyond completely satisfied with how the day turned out and do not feel like I was missing anything without the extras. My partner and I did not go into this having any idea what we wanted photography-wise and both being quite awkward about posing for photos. In the end our photos were fun and happy and beautiful--which is exactly what I wanted. My husband and friends were super goofy and Jarrett just rolled with it. Other awesome things about Jarrett: His pricing is INCREDIBLY reasonable in my opinion. Especially for the quality of work. He did our engagement photos (which I highly recommend) and they came out amazing. After our engagement photos, several of my on-the-marriage-path friends asked for his contact info. He brought a tag gun to our reception. Seriously. When my bustle failed to hold up my dress of 10,000 ruffles enough that both my dad and husband stepped on it and ripped it prior to our first dance (apparently a common occurrence), threatening to ruin the dance we had planned (hard to dance a hustle and waltz with people constantly stepping on your clothes), Jarrett came to the rescue with a tag gun and helped my friend tag up layers of ruffles out of the way--and it actually worked. #Hero. It was the only kink in the whole day and it became one of my favorite memories about the day. That and the crickets that took residence in my dress during some outdoor photos. Ok, I will end this here and just add that I really hope to work with Jarrett again sometime. :)

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Amy & James

I am thrilled that I made the perfect decision with my wedding photographer! I wanted a elegant and creative collection and is exactly what I got! My husband and I are in awe at the poses and clarity... two of my friends hired Jarrett after my wedding! Worth every penny! 

Fox Theater Wedding Photography

Brianna & Bryce

Jarrett and his team did a wonderful job capturing every moment of our special day. My husband and I just received our photos and I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful they all are!! Jarrett was a lot of fun to work with and he made the entire experience for us so comfortable and natural, which is so awesome. I recommend him for anyone looking to get amazing photos, as he exceeded our expectations! Thanks again!

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding Photographer